Systems mapping

Systems mapping is a very versatile method, that can be used to tackle many different types of challenges. I use the method to help individuals find their path and businesses to find their niche within our complex world, increase their fitness and develop a strategy that allows them to continuously adapt to the changing environmental, social and technological context. Facilitating cooperation, closing resource loops and supporting the engagement of employees are important parts of this work.

In this article, I give many examples of challenges businesses face, that can be overcome with the help of systems mapping: How systems mapping helps your business to succeed


On the left you can see an overview of my systems mapping process. There are many types of systems maps and many ways to create them. For me, systems mapping begins with listening. Listening to the story the person I am making the map for tells about their system. He decides where the story begins. I do not believe that it is useful to press a system into a predefined structure, therefore I do not use templates or frameworks to create systems maps. Every system is different and every systems steward has their own specific purpose for creating a map. I take the time to discover the unique structure of each individual system and display it in the way that is most helpful for the systems stewards purpose. In this article, I describe my personal systems mapping process: My systems mapping process for businesses