The workshop "Playing with complexity" combines Living Systems Science with the hands on method Lego® Serious Play®. This workshop is designed for people who are struggling with the complexity of their business or other endeavour and have difficulties identifying what changes they need to make to their system, in order to reach their goals.


The workshop consists of four main steps:

  1. Participants explore their system using the method "Lego® Serious Play®", resulting in a Lego® model of their system. This visual representation of the components and connections allows to understand how information and resources flow through the system and how individual components influence each other, resulting in the overall behaviour of the system.
  2. With my input and using the model of their own system as an example, the participants create an overview of the relevant Living Systems concepts, based on a template provided by me. This overview starts with the basic structure of systems, components, flows and connections and leads up to the evolution and resilience of living systems.
  3. With this knowledge, participants explore possible changes to their system and opportunities for cooperation with other businesses and nature. The Lego® model makes it possible to play through different scenarios and explore how specific system structures react to disturbances.
  4. The 3D Lego model is translated into a 2D systems map. This map is the starting point for the future work with the system and allows to communicate the system to others.


Participants come out of this workshop with:

  • A summary overview of Living Systems concepts
  • A clear map of their system and its possible connection points to other systems.
  • A strategy how to reach their current goals, based on changes to their system and cooperation with other businesses and nature.
  • The knowledge and tools they need to approach complexity in their future projects with confidence.
  • An increased appreciation for living systems and the resilience of their design.


If you are interested in this workshop or have any questions, please contact me at: