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Systems Mapping
Personal Training

Learn how to discover and visualise the underlying structure of your complex challenge. Move from a feeling of chaos to experiencing clarity with the help of Systems Mapping.

I will guide you through the systems mapping process, starting with gathering and structuring information, collecting feedback and other perspectives, and finally making decisions and taking action based on the insights you gained throughout the process.

Gain structural

Discover and visualise the underlying structure of your complex challenge. See the relationships between components and identify the prevailing patterns.


Learn how and who to talk to about your systems map, in order to receive  feedback and add more perspectives. View and discuss your complex challenge from multiple angles, develop a shared understanding and start to see solutions.

Take strategic

Make aligned decisions with a group of stakeholders and take strategic action, thanks to your shared understanding of the complex challenge and the ability to see how all the components interact.


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The systems mapping personal training process begins with a free discovery call.

We discuss your context and evaluate if this is the right approach for you right now. If it is a match, we dig a bit deeper to determine the topic for your systems mapping project. I explain the first steps, we set up your Miro board and schedule 5 one hour calls.


We schedule the calls based on your preferred frequency and timing, with the only condition that the 5 calls should take place within a period of maximum 3 months.

From here, you spend some time working on your map individually.

During this time I am always available for shorter questions.

The longer questions you collect and send to me together with your systems map, after you schedule a coaching call through my website.

I review your systems map and questions to prepare my feedback and answers.

During a 1 hour video call we discuss your questions, I give you feedback on your map and explain the next steps.

After the call, I will sometimes send you additional material to further illustrate my tips.

With this information, you continue to work on your map, until it is time for the next call.

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