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As Complexity Counselor, I use systems mapping to help you gain an overview of, expand your perspective on and understand your role within complex systems. Complex systems such as families, teams, businesses, neighbourhoods, ecosystems, society..


Systems maps allow to make the hidden relationships and interactions between components within as system visible. Without considering these interactions, it is impossible to understand the overall behaviour of a system.

My mission is to make systems mapping mainstream, because I believe that this way of making sense of our complex world will help us to build a world in which we cooperate with each other and the rest of life on this planet, understanding ourselves as part of nature.


Systems mapping as service

Live Systems Mapping

For groups during meetings or events I offer Live Systems Mapping, which captures the conversation in one structured overview. This allows to see the discussion unfold, build on each others ideas to explore a topic deeply, discover connections between ideas and immediately start to develop strategy.

Lego® Serious Play®

For smaller groups I organise sessions using the Lego® Serious Play® method, which creates a safe space to share personal perspectives. Working with the bricks sparks creativity, allows to access hidden knowledge and makes it easy to combine personal perspectives in a shared group model, letting new insights emerge.

Systems mapping for individuals

I create systems maps for individuals searching for their path in live and looking for clarity. During a conversation, they tell me their story, what they want to change and what they are looking for. I record the information and ask questions where I see information is missing. This structured conversation creates new insights, triggers ideas, uncovers unanswered questions and reveals opportunities.

After the conversation, I further organise the recorded information to create a systems map. This map allows people to visualise their possibilities, play through different scenarios and plan their next steps.

Systems mapping for businesses

I use systems mapping to help businesses find their niche within our complex world, increase their fitness and develop a strategy that allows them to continuously adapt to the changing environmental, social and technological context.  Additionally the maps can be used to facilitate cooperation, close resource loops and support the engagement of employees.

In this article, I give many examples of challenges businesses face, that can be overcome with the help of systems mapping: How systems mapping helps your business to succeed

Systems Mapping Workshops

In order to make the method of systems mapping more well known and raise awareness for the connectedness of our world, I regularly organise free systems mapping workshops. Additionally you can contact me for personalised workshops for your organisation.

Sharing my perspective

In order to make the method of systems mapping more well known and raise awareness for the connectedness of our world, I share my own perspective on various topics through writing and illustrating.

You can read my articles here:

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