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Clarity in Complexity

Hannah Härtwich

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a complex challenge? Everything seems to influence everything else and you don't know where to start?


My name is Hannah Härtwich and I help individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships with complex challenges to:

structural clarity
Gain structural

Move from a feeling of  choas to structural clarity, by creating a visualisation of the underlying structure of your complex challenge.

communicate effectively

Create a shared understanding of your complex challenge, by connecting the perspectives of stakeholders in one visualisation, providing a framework for conversation.

take strategic action
Take strategic

Plan and implement strategic action, based on the shared understanding of the full picture of your complex challenge.

Complex challenges
Examples and Testimonials

What do we need to teach leaders in enigneering, in order for them to contribute to increasing diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry?

What is your complex challenge?
Tell me about it and I will let you know if I can help.

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My approach to consulting in complexity


custom approach to consulting

There is no "one size fits all" solution to complex challenges.

I always start by evaluating your specific context.

Then I select one of my "recipes" as a starting point. I determine what tools and methods are needed, which of those you already posses and what I need to supplement from my or my partners' "pantry".  Together we adjust the recipe to create a custom approach to tackle your complex challenge.


empowerment of consulting clients

I will always be there when you need me to guide you through your complex challenges.


But my ultimate goal is to privide you with the skills, methods and tools that give you the condfindence to tackle your complex challenges without me.


embracing complexity

You do not only need knowledge, tools and methods to tackle complex challenges. Your mindset also plays an important role.


I will help you to stop seeing complexity as something that gets in the way and instead show you how to embrace complexity, allowing you to benefit from the opportunities it brings. So you feel less like you are constantly fighting not to drown and more like you are riding the wave.


methods, tools & concepts

lego serious play
systems mapping
remote facilitation
serious games
combining perspectives

Remote facilitation

Combining perspectives


Serious Games


Systems Mapping Services

systems mapping course training class

Learn systems mapping in a five week live online course, with a group of maximum 15 peers.

Custom Group Training

systems mapping team training

Learn systems mapping in a custom training for your group or team.

systems mapping personal coaching

Get personalised support for a systems mapping project you are working on.

participatory systems mapping consulting

Address your complex systemic challenge with the help of systems mapping. Together with my partners, we facilitate the entire process and guide you to develop systemic solutions.

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